Huvitz HS Style 40x Mag Slit Lamp with FREE KAT

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A revolutionary design from Huvitz. This Haag Streit style slit lamp offers cutting edge optical technology, favoured by many optometrists throughout the UK. Inside the illumination tower is a 30 watt, 12 volt high luminance halogen lamp which provides unbeatable clarity of images. The Galilean converging binocular optical system offers a wide field of view with proven accuracy and reliability. For ease of use, the yellow filter is conveniently placed near to the ocular for effortless display of the fluorescein pattern. Any filters are easily inserted using a control lever (filter options include cobalt blue, heat absorption, red free, yellow and grey). The HS 5000 has a five position drum style magnification chamber, offering a wide range of magnification settings from 6x to 40x. If you are looking for a complete system, the HS 5000 can be combined with the HIS 5000 to produce a user friendly image management system. A digital camera can be attached to the binocular head where high resolution images can be captured and transferred to a pc. Still images or videos are recorded using the joystick control on the base of the slit lamp. Once displayed on the pc, an MS Access Database allows you to search for symptoms, diagnosed information and a patient's history. The images can then be manipulated within an intuitive, user friendly environment. 

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