Keeler Pulsair Intellipuff

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Whether it is a wall mounted or desk mounted Non-Contact Tonometer you are looking for, the Keeler Pulsair Intellipuff is a lightweight and versatile solution. Being hand-held, the patient no longer needs to be positioned on a chinrest, their IOP can be measured whilst the patient is already seated in the examination chair, thus saving both space and time. For ultimate patient comfort, Keeler have incorporated position detection and puff control alongside their softest puff of air. If two consecutive readings are within +/- 1mmHg of each other, the Pulsair will inform the user that sufficient readings have been taken for that eye, saving precious time for both you and the patient. With its integrated printer and requiring no sterile consumables, the Pulsair Intellipuff is the perfect solution if you are looking for a cost effective, efficient non-contact tonometer. 

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