• The ultimate time-saving and space-saving device, as this multifunction unit has six functions in one, replacing the need for 5 separate machines.

    1. Topography, 2. Refraction, 3. Keratometry, 4. Tonometry, 5. Pachymetry, 6. Dry eye analysis tool.

    Benefits of the MR-6000:

    • Easy operating: Auto alignment and familiar user interface
    • Space-saving: Five systems in one device
    • Time-saving: Change between the different modes in just 3 seconds
    • High accuracy: Combined data of different measurements for precise results (e.g. Tono + Pachy)
    • Improved features: friendly air puff control and enhanced refraction function
    • Complete dry eye analysis: Combination of 6 different measurements of blinking, tear film, meibomian glands and conjunctiva
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  • By combining a soft air puff, 3D auto-tracking, and a Scheimpflug camera, the Tomey TOP-1000 delivers excellent IOP measurements that are corrected for central corneal thickness.  It shares it's design with the Tomey TFC-1000 fundus camera and incorporates a simple user interface that Tomey users will already be familiar with. With the 3D auto-tracking and the automatic shot functionality, any user will be able to use this device quickly and effectively.
  • The ergonomic and compact design of the AL-100 makes this a great space saving device. You can customise the unit according to your personal preferences, with six different users as well as 10 IOL's can be added. The AL-100 will calculate your personal corresponding values according to your surgery data. There is 6 different preset eye types and an adjustable velocity function, so you are able to receive precise results in contact or immersion mode.

    AL-100 Features:

    • Colour touch screen
    • Automated / manual measurement
    • Contact / immersion mode
    • 6 IOL calculation formulas
    • Internal data storage
    • Memory card
    • Eye type modes: normal, dense cataract, aphakic and 3 x pseudophakic
    • Axial length measuring range: 15 to 40mm
    • ACD measuring range: 1.80 to 7.00mm
    • Lens thickness measuring range: 2 to 6mm
  • This extremely handy and easy-to-use devices combines a Biometer and Pachymeter in one. It offers comfort and flexibility with wireless communication, with fully integrated IOL power calculation software. The AL-4000 is dockable to the A/B scanner UD-8000 creating the ultimate ultrasound workstation.

    AL-4000 Features:

    • Axial length and corneal thickness
    • Multiple IOL power calculation
    • A-scan diagnostic probe (optional)
    • Compact body
    • Database software (TB-1000)
    • Bluetooth connection available
    • Contact & immersion mode
  • This extremely handy and easy-to-use combination of Biometer and Pachymeter leaves nothing to wish for in terms of comfort and flexibility.? Wireless communication plus the fully integrated IOL power calculation software allow for the complete setup of the handheld device on the PC.? The AL-4000 is dockable to the A/B scanner UD-8000 creating the ultimate ultrasound workstation.

    AL-4000 Features:

    • Axial length and corneal thickness
    • Multiple IOL power calculation
    • A-scan diagnostic probe (optional)
    • Compact body
    • Database software (TB-1000)
    • Bluetooth connection available
    • Contact & immersion mode
  • Tomey AP-2500 Auto-Perimeter

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    The Tomey AP-2500 has easy-to-use software which makes monitoring patients simple with the AP-2500's intuitive workflow. The "Last Exam" function offers you the option to repeat the previous exam with the same settings of test and strategy for a given patient. You will save time and you can compare results. Whether you prefer a standard test or individual customisation - it is all possible with the AP-2500.

    AP-2500 Features:

    • Modern eye tracking system
    • LED-technology
    • Digital camera controlled
    • Pupil measurement
    • Multilingual user interface
    • Customisable test programmes
    • EU driving licence tests
    • DICOM data export
    • Data import from third party perimeters
    Computer required. Sold separately.
  • Tomey AP-3000 Perimeter

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    The AP-3000 has easy-to-use software that makes monitoring patients as simple as 1-2-3. The AP-3000 also has an "Auto-Kinetic" function where kinetic test results are presented as isopters, each one in a different colour. With the blue-on-yellow tests, it is possible to detect glaucoma in a very early stage. The AP-3000 is DICOM compatible and it is  possible to import data from a third party perimeter. The Tomey AP software can read external data formats such as PDF, JPG, XLS or DOC.

    AP-3000 Features:

    • Compact design
    • Kinetic and static testing
    • Digital eye-tracking
    • Goldmann size stimuli
    • EU driving licence tests
    • RGB bowl illumination
  • The Tomey CASIA2 is an outstanding machine, which fulfils the expectations of eye doctors specialised in all areas. CASIA2 impresses by intuitive and mostly automated handling, encouraged by an unbelievable measurement speed. Our software guides you easily from measuring through to analysis and then to the final report. Be inspired and see the eye from a different perspective. The CASIA2 has many impressive features need to be seen to be believed. Caught your interest? If so, you cam learn more about it by getting in touch with us.

    CASIA2 Features:

    • Testing application for Cataract / Glaucoma / Cornea Surgery
    • Glaucoma angle analysis (360)
    • Advanced imaging with high resolution and deep scanning depth (13mm)
    • Very fast scanning speed (50,000 A-scans/sec)
    • Corneal topography & IOL choice & calculation
    • Lens shape analysis & trend analysis
    • Phakic IOL simulation
  • The EM-4000 offers non-contact examination, auto-alignment and measurement, with automatic analysis of the endothelium layer. The EM-4000 is professional and quick (4 seconds for both eyes). The auto-alignment technology means reproducibility of the measured areas in insured. The integrated non-contact pachymetry  automatically measures with every central examination. The large colour touch screen is used as an operating monitor as well as for displaying all measured values. The EM-4000 has a very large measurement area, with up to 300 counted cells the system assures a representative cell density analysis of your patients' cornea. Images can be taken at 13 position (the centre and 12 peripheral points).  The thickness of the cornea is automatically measured with every central exam. The software evaluates all relevant data respective to the endothelium, such as the density of the cells as well as Polymegathism and Pleomorphism (morphology). High quality images enable discovering irregularities or degeneration of the endothelium possible. For difficult cases you can use the classical L-count function, the Core method and Tomey's special Dark Area analysis tools.

    EM-4000 Features:

    • Auto-alignment & auto-measurement
    • Integrated non-contact Pachymetry
    • 13 measurement areas
    • Integrated database
    • L-Count, Trace, Core and Dark Area methods
    • Counts up to 300 cells
    • Integrated printer
  • The Tomey FT-1000 has a very soft and silent air pulse. The 5.7" coloured touch screen is used as an operating monitor as well as for displaying all measured values. You can even move the head in all directions by simply touching the screen. Measured IOP data is easily adjusted according to the central corneal thickness. The calculation formula used by the FT-1000 is individually adjustable to your own preference. The handling of the FT-1000 is very easy - it does almost everything by itself! Alignment and measurement is done automatically and with a tap on the screen the system automatically moves to the left or the right eye. If you choose the multi-shot option the system produces up to three air pulses in an extremely short sequence (0.1 seconds each).

    FT-1000 Features:

    • Touch screen alignment system
    • Auto-alignment and auto-measurement
    • Corneal thickness IOP correction
    • High speed measurement
  • The OA-2000 integrates topography, axial length, lens thickness and pachymetry which yield the perfect data set for ray tracing. This assures the best results even in exceptional eye conditions or Toric IOL calculation. By simply touching the centre of the pupil on the monitor the measurement starts immediately. Due to Tomey's well known 3D eye tracking technology, all relevant data points are captured quickly, even with uncooperative patients. Starting with topography, pachymetry, ACD and lens thickness followed by axial length, pupil diameter and white to white - this guarantees an enhanced usability in terms of IOL power calculation. With the latest Tomey Fourier domain A-scan technology you are able to measure almost all cases of dense cataract.

    OA-2000 Features:

    • IOL ray tracing calculation
    • Axial length
    • ACD & LENS thickness
    • Topgrapher and keratometer
    • All measurements with one simple touch
    • Pachymetry
    • White to white
    • Pupil diameter
  • The RC-5000 sets the standard of modern eye diagnostic instruments. Thanks to the electronically controlled movement you can operate and align the RC-5000 through both - power motion joystick and/or touch screen - all in seconds. Highly accurate measurements are combined with the very short examination time and easy handling. Once you have captured your patients' eye you can set the pupil and cornea measurement bars to individual diameters. These values will also be stored, displayed and printed. The RC-5000 provides you the central (3mm) and peripheral (6mm) Keratometer readings measured at one time with a second. You can take these readings from a cornea or the back surfaces of a RGP contact lens.

    RC-5000 Features:

    • Central & peripheral K-values
    • Colour touch screen
    • Pupil & cornea measurement
    • Auto-alignment & auto-measurement
    • Power motion joystick