Discover how we help independent eye care providers meet the growing demand for cataract surgeries. Learn about our advanced equipment, personalized support, and innovative technologies that streamline procedures, enhance patient care, and boost your practice’s efficiency.

Growing Demand for Cataract Procedures

From 2016 to 2021, the number of NHS-funded cataract procedures increased significantly. There were 43,932 cataract procedures in England in November 2021 – 21% higher than five years previously. With an aging population and increasing cataract prevalence, it is estimated that there will be a 50% rise in cataract procedures between 2015 and 2035. 

The Role of Independent Sector Providers (ISP)  

 The involvement of independent sector providers (ISPs) in cataract surgery has grown dramatically. Before the pandemic, ISP provision increased steadily, but during the second COVID-19 wave in Autumn/Winter 2020, NHS services faced overwhelming pressure, leading to a surge in ISP procedures. From 34% of cataract procedures delivered by ISPs in December 2020, this jumped to 55% in January 2021 and peaked at 59% in February 2021. As hospitals overcame pandemic pressures, ISP provision fell back under half, settling close to 45%, representing a new normal for NHS cataract services.  

UK Regional Disparities in Cataract Treatment

 There are significant regional disparities in cataract surgery delivery. In November 2021, the Northwest, Midlands, Southwest, and Northeast and Yorkshire were delivering at least half of their cataract procedures in the independent sector. The Southeast delivered a third (34%) through ISPs, while London’s figure was a quarter (25%).  

On a more local level, Gloucestershire had the highest ISP provision at 75% in late 2021. West Yorkshire & Harrogate, Greater Manchester, and Cheshire & Merseyside also had high ISP provision, with over 60% of cataract procedures delivered by ISPs and more than 1,000 procedures per month.

Challenges and Opportunities in Cataract Care 

 While the increased involvement of independent sector providers (ISPs) has boosted capacity for cataract surgeries, it has not necessarily shortened waiting times for eye care services. Key challenges include limited training opportunities for ophthalmology trainees and potential destabilisation of NHS eye care units due to workforce and funding issues.  

 We are here to bridge that gap. As trusted product experts since 1997, we supply NHS and independent practices across the UK with top brands for screening, diagnosing, and treating conditions affecting the anterior segment. We have supported thousands of cataracts, retina, and glaucoma specialists in both the public and private sectors.  

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As the need for cataract procedures grows, overcoming challenges is vital. With advanced solutions and expert support, we empower healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional care and optimise workflows, ensuring brighter vision and enhanced patient experiences.