The DRSplus device from iCare sets a class-leading standard in retinal imaging thanks to its confocal fundus imaging system and white LED illumination.

Compared to other market-leading alternatives, the state-of-the-art DRSplus is a feature-rich fundus imaging camera that offers many impressive plus points for both large chain and smaller independent opticians.

Here, we explore five key features of the iCare DRSplus:


Multiple imaging modes and improved image quality

The fully automated DRSplus permits imaging through pupils as small as 2.5mm with no need for dilation. Using TrueColor confocal technology with white LED light, the system delivers detailed 45° retinal images that are sharper and with better contrast than other market-leading cameras.

With multiple imaging modes in one compact camera, the DRSplus offers a complete and highly convenient fundus imaging solution.

High resolution red-free filtering allows for enhanced visualisation of retina vasculature, whilst blue images provide an improved view of the nerve fibre layer. An additional red channel allows light to penetrate the deepest layers of the retina for a thorough examination, and accurate diagnosis of clinical issues.

Additional imaging functions include external eye imaging, for documenting the condition of the eye surface and cornea, plus stereo viewer technology to create improved 3D perception of the disc.

Once imaging is complete, the system automatically combines different retinal fields for panoramic retinal views of up to 80°, without additional user intervention to make image reviewing faster and more effective.


Scans through cataracts for the diagnosis of optical disease

The white LED beam enters the eye, illuminates a thin slice of the retina, and the reflected beam passes through a confocal slit which selects only the light coming from the specific point of the retina. The system then rapidly scans the retina slice by slice until the image on the sensor is completely reproduced and reaches the perfect brightness

The TrueColor confocal scanning system provides sharp and detailed images because it supresses scattered light or light reflected by structures different from the retina. For example, a lens with a cataract or other opacities is blocked and eliminated by the confocal slit. This helps acquire higher image quality, better sharpness, and more richness of detail than what can be achieved with traditional fundus cameras.


Fully computerised operation

The DRSplus is an intuitive and fully computerised system which obtains high-quality images even with minimal staff training. The live IR preview helps to maintain an effective workflow for busy practices and the easy-to-use filtering options makes image processing simpler.

The system comes with a range of fully automated capabilities designed to improve image quality with no further input required from the operative including: auto-alignment, auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto-capture and optional auto-montage.


Remote viewing and examination feature

For complete convenience, no matter the layout of your practice, DRSplus offers an optional remote viewer feature so that images can be quickly and easily opened on larger screens, located throughout the building.

Any computer, laptop or smart device connected to the same Local Area Network (LAN) can review DRSplus images remotely, creating a seamless and professional examination and diagnostic service.

In response to the COVID crisis, remote examination features are also available to facilitate a thorough examination process at a safe social distance. This feature, called the ‘DRSplus Remote Exam’, allows the imaging system to be fully operated from a computer that is further away from the patient, either in the same room, or just outside if required.


Comfortable patient experience

With no need to dilate pupils or turn off the lights in the examination room, the DRSplus offers a reduced flash intensity for a softer effect on the eyes.

Patient positioning is easy and comfortable and imaging is fast, so that the patient is not holding one position for extended periods of time.


For more information on the iCare DRSplus and how it can benefit your customers, visit the Product Page or contact the knowledgeable team at Mainline Instruments today on 0121 458 6800.