Mainline Instruments - Statement regarding Brexit

Mainline Instruments Statement Concerning A No Deal Brexit Scenario in 2019


In the event of a "No Deal Brexit" in March 2019, Mainline Instruments has made sufficient contingency plans, by the way of increased UK warehousing space and increased monthly supply agreements of Imported European Goods from all of our major suppliers during the coming Autumn, Winter and Spring periods. This has enabled us to stock pile enough consumable and capital goods products in our Birmingham UK Warehouse to hopefully support all of UK customers' needs for the foreseeable future and months after March 2019.


Obviously there is a lot of uncertainty about the effects of a "No Deal Brexit" and it is impossible to foresee every obstacle or problem we might encounter, but we are confident in terms of planning for our Engineering, Sales and Administration support teams and, as a result of this planning, our Birmingham-based warehousing and sales facility will not be greatly affected if a "No Deal Brexit" situation was to arise. We can and will continue to cover all of our UK customers' needs for 2019.


Events and circumstances beyond Mainline Instruments Ltd. control such as Government enforced Trade Tariffs, Border Restrictions on imported/exported goods and Currency Exchange fluctuations greater than 5% will have to be dealt with on an ad-hoc basis.