My care with Icare

Tue, 29 Nov 2016

The icare Home Tonometer was the focus at the AbbVie awards on 29th November 2016.

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Glaucoma Unit have been carrying out a Research study for the past 2 years involving our icare Home Tonometer and we are delighted to announce they have won the “Enabling Patients with Technology” award for their “My Care with Icare – Enabling Glaucoma Patients to Self-Monitoring Intraocular Pressure”

Our Medical Director, Adrian Richards went down to support the team. “We were delighted for Mainline Instruments to be invited along to the AbbVie awards”. Adrian found the meeting very interesting with some key note speakers discussing how technology is going to change the NHS over the next five years.

Manchester Eye Hospital have focused on how they can reduce the amount of patients requiring “full day phasing” at the hospital clinic.

Adrian explains "Due to the labour intensive and time consuming nature of Day Phasing Clinics, and the fact that patients have to normally attend the hospital site for 10 hours, Icare Home offers the patients a more practical solution to 24 hour IOP measuring and gives the hospital Consultant much more data."