NEW 2WIN Handheld Refractor

Wed, 29 Apr 2015

Following its launch at optrafair 2015, Mainline Instruments are proud to stock the 2WIN handheld refractor and vision analyser.

2WIN handheld refractor

The 2WIN is a binocular refractometer that measures both eyes at the same time, in real life vision conditions.

The 2WIN measures;

Refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism)

Pupil paremeters (PD and pupil size)

Sight anomolies that may be related to anisometropia, anisocoria, strabismus and phoria.

The 2WIN takes the refractive measurement of the patient from approximately 1m away

Simply ask the patient to focus on the centre of the device, point and shoot just like a camera

The systems red/green status bar tells you when you are the correct distance to take the measurement

A scale of 1-9 tells you how reliable your readings are

All results are transferrable to a PC via USB (or wi-fi on wifi enabled device)

Childens masks for the 2WIN are sold separately

For more information or for a free trial, drop us an email via the 'Contact Us' page.