• Yeasn CCQ-800 Auto-Lensmeter

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    The Yeasn CCQ-800 is equipped with a 7" HD touch screen with outstanding image quality and a unique multi-core processor with a total processing time less than 50ms.? The strong data processing core supports the accurate measurement of low astigmatism and low transmittance lenses.? This lensmeter also supports measurement of PD, PH and UV.

    CCQ-800 Features:

    • Automatic identification of lens type
    • Green LED light source
    • Hartmann measurement method
    • No need to set Abbe compensation when measuring lenses with different refractive indexes.
    • Built-in thermal printer
  • Yeasn's CCQ-500 is a classic external reading focimeter with a green LED light source and a large visual field.

    CCQ-500 Features:

    • Green LED light source
    • Supports two power supply mode (battery and mains)
    • Ergonomic design
    • Can be installed with Prism compensator
  • Yeasn HX-400 Pupilometer

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    The Yeasn HX-400 is a mechanical pupilometer (PD meter) which means quick and continuous measurement is possible with accurate alignment.? There is an in-built high-accuracy linear sensor which enables the smart electronic system to visualise accurate readings.

    HX-400 Features:

    • LED light source with adjustable brightness, auto shut-down time and adjustable step
    • VD measurement function
    • Low power consumption
    • Available for +2.00D visibility compensation
    • Self calibration function