Fundus Imaging

  • Tomey TFC-1000 Fundus Camera

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    The TFC-1000 fully automatically generates a fundus image within 15 seconds using eye tracking and auto-focus as well as auto-measurement.  The "KISS" (Keep It Short & Simple) principle had the highest priority in the software and workflow design.  This makes the operation of the TFC-1000 extremely easy to handle.  The user-friendly interface is very intuitive and provides the results in a very short time.

    TFC-1000 Features:

    • Automatic eye tracking
    • Non-mydriatic
    • Auto-focus & auto-measurement
    • Fundus image within 15 seconds
    • Multi-imaging display
    • Field of angle 45° x 45°
    • 12 megapixel sensor
    • 9 fixation points
    • Anterior segment imaging
  • The Optomed Aurora is a handheld fundus camera meaning you can perform fundus screening anytime, anywhere.  A versatile tool used by a variety of professionals, optometrists, eye-specialists, neurologists, emergency care specialists and GPs. With a 50° field of view, the Optomed Aurora combines the quality of a desktop fundus camera with a compact and portable design - resulting in the most versatile fundus camera available.  The system utilises Optomed’s Polaris proprietary lens technology which is optimised for high-quality retinal images. For further information contact us.
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