• The iCare COMPASS takes visual field analysis to the next level.  It combines visual field tests, fixation loss correction (through a real-time retinal tracker) and confocal True Colour fundus imaging into one device. Its auto-alignment, non-mydriatic, easy-to-disinfect and trial lens-free operation means the COMPASS is patient-friendly and easy to use.  It can help you save time and improve clinical performance. Click the Enquire Now button for more information, a brochure or a quote.
  • MAIA stands for Macular Integrity Assessment and this assessment combines visual field tests, fixation loss correction by a real time retinal tracker and non-mydriatic confocal SLO fundus imaging, all in to one device. The iCare MAIA offers the best in confocal microperimetry by detecting and monitoring functional changes of the retina with great reliability. The device is capable of performing different types of pre-programmed tests as well as user customisable microperimetry tests. Click the Enquire Now button for more information, a brochure or a quote.
  • Tomey AP-2500 Auto-Perimeter

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    The Tomey AP-2500 has easy-to-use software which makes monitoring patients simple with the AP-2500's intuitive workflow. The "Last Exam" function offers you the option to repeat the previous exam with the same settings of test and strategy for a given patient. You will save time and you can compare results. Whether you prefer a standard test or individual customisation - it is all possible with the AP-2500.

    AP-2500 Features:

    • Modern eye tracking system
    • LED-technology
    • Digital camera controlled
    • Pupil measurement
    • Multilingual user interface
    • Customisable test programmes
    • EU driving licence tests
    • DICOM data export
    • Data import from third party perimeters
    Computer required. Sold separately.
  • Tomey AP-3000 Perimeter

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    The AP-3000 has easy-to-use software that makes monitoring patients as simple as 1-2-3. The AP-3000 also has an "Auto-Kinetic" function where kinetic test results are presented as isopters, each one in a different colour. With the blue-on-yellow tests, it is possible to detect glaucoma in a very early stage. The AP-3000 is DICOM compatible and it is  possible to import data from a third party perimeter. The Tomey AP software can read external data formats such as PDF, JPG, XLS or DOC.

    AP-3000 Features:

    • Compact design
    • Kinetic and static testing
    • Digital eye-tracking
    • Goldmann size stimuli
    • EU driving licence tests
    • RGB bowl illumination