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  • The iCare EIDON FA is the top-end imaging system from iCare.  It combines all of the imaging modalities available in the EIDON and EIDON AF with fluorescein angiography images and video for the ultimate complete imaging suite. It also offers widefield imaging out to 110° whilst preserving the image quality, sharpness and detail - even in the periphery. With the added advantage of ultra-high resolution FA video recording, medical professionals get a realistic and dynamic view of retinal vasculature and circulation mechanisms. Click the Enquire Now button for more information, a brochure or a quote.
  • With all of the features of the EIDON True Colour Confocal Scanner, the EIDON AF has the added advantage of auto fluorescence imaging capabilities. With a quick and non-invasive auto fluorescence imaging technique, this device improves patient comfort and experience.  The EIDON AF has a fully automatic mode allowing any staff member to run diagnostic tests, which will improve workflow efficiency and help reduce patient waiting times. Click the Enquire Now button for more information, a brochure or a quote.
  • iCare EIDON Confocal Scanner

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    The EIDON product family was the first True Colour Confocal Scanner in the market.  It combines True Colour technology and confocality to create ultra high-resolution wide field images.  It is the first system to combine the advantages of SLO with the fidelity of true colour imaging therefore setting a new standard of performance in retinal imaging. The iCare EIDON guarantees increased image sharpness, better optical resolution, higher details, and greater contrast. Click the Enquire Now button for more information, a brochure or a quote.
  • The DRSplus is the latest innovation from iCare and it utilises a confocal fundus imaging system setting a new standard of retinal imaging.  It uses a white LED illumination combined with confocal scanning to produce TrueColour and detail-rich images.  The DRSplus boasts next generation image quality, with greater image sharpness, optical resolution and contrast when comparing to a traditional fundus camera. Due to the confocal technology, the DRSplus can scan through cataracts to aid clinicians in the diagnosis of ocular disease. iCare have now released an optional remote viewer feature, allowing any computer or laptop on the same Local Area Network (LAN) to review remotely images, enabling data access and detailed analysis on multiple review stations. Click the Enquire Now button above for further details, brochures, or a quote.
  • The Optomed Aurora is a handheld fundus camera meaning you can perform fundus screening anytime, anywhere. A versatile tool used by a variety of professionals, optometrists, eye-specialists, neurologists, emergency care specialists and GPs. With a 50° field of view, the Optomed Aurora combines the quality of a desktop fundus camera with a compact and portable design - resulting in the most versatile fundus camera available. The system utilises Optomed's Polaris proprietary lens technology which is optimised for high-quality retinal images. Victoria Cohen, Consultant Ocular Oncologist at Moorfields has highly recommended the Aurora, saying, "the images are true colour and provide a 50° field of view, which is fantastic for monitoring of retinal and choroidal disease". Click the Enquire Now button for more information, a brochure or a quote.
  • Tomey TFC-1000 Fundus Camera

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    The TFC-1000 fully automatically generates a fundus image within 15 seconds using eye tracking and auto-focus as well as auto-measurement.? The "KISS" (Keep It Short & Simple) principle had the highest priority in the software and workflow design.? This makes the operation of the TFC-1000 extremely easy to handle.? The user-friendly interface is very intuitive and provides the results in a very short time.

    TFC-1000 Features:

    • Automatic eye tracking
    • Non-mydriatic
    • Auto-focus & auto-measurement
    • Fundus image within 15 seconds
    • Multi-imaging display
    • Field of angle 45? x 45?
    • 12 megapixel sensor
    • 9 fixation points
    • Anterior segment imaging