EM-4000 Specular Microscope

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  • With its auto-alignment and automatic analysis of the endothelium layer, the EM-4000 Specular Microscope makes light work of any examination.

  • The handling of the EM-4000 is very user friendly as alignment and measurement are done automatically.

  • Simply roughly align the system towards the patients' eye and the rest is taken care of by the instrument. The EM-3000 takes 15 images per examination and the best image is displayed on the 8.4 inch colour touch screen.

  • The EM-4000 has a very large measurement area.

  • With up to 300 counted cells, the system assures a representative cell density of your patients' cornea.

  • Additionally, the thickness of the cornea will be automatically measured during every examination using a non-contact method.

  • The fast and automatic analysis evaluates all relevant data respective to the endothelium, such as number and density of cells as well as their form and size.

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