FT-1000 Non Contact Tonometer

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  • The Tomey FT-1000 Non-Contact Tonometer is the perfect choice for those looking for an accurate, patient friendly method of measuring intra-ocular pressure.

  • The 5.7 inch colour touch screen is used to both operate the tonometer and to display the results.

  • The handling of the FT-1000 couldn't be easier, simply roughly align the system towards the patients' eye, tap the screen and measurements are taken automatically.

  • For optimum comfort of the patient, the FT-1000 is designed to have the softest air pulse yet.

  • Both noise and air puff are minimised to relax your patient as much as possible.

  • The calculation formula used by the FT-1000 is individually adjustable to your own preference so IOP data is calculated according to central corneal thickness. 

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