The HLM-1 Auto Lensmeter from Huvitz uses a range of technologies to combine innovation with value and performance.

Wavefront Analysis Technology with the Hartmann Sensor
Providing more accuracy in the measured values utilizing the Hartmann Sensor Wavefront Analysis Technology with more measurement points than our previous generations.

Expanded Prism Measurement Range
Prism measurement range has been expanded up to 20, measuring from all directions of: BU, BD, BI, BO.

Wide Range for Measuring Small or Large (Blank) Lenses
It is easy to measure all lens diameters from 0/ 15mm to 0/ 120mm.

Easily Measures Sunglasses
While measuring the refractive power of darkly tinted or mirrored sunglasses, the HLM-1 will calculate the refractive power of the lens by automatically amplifying the amount of light without requiring any additional key strokes, the same way it measures normal lenses.