The Huvitz HRK-9000A combines everything into one simple device meaning patient workflow is improved by maximising efficiency.? It combines a auto-refractor keratometer, Contact Lens Fitting Guide (with colour camera), Meibomian Gland Analysis and Tear Film Break Up Time (TFBUT) functions in to a single instrument.


HRK-9000A Features

  • Subjective VA test
  • Wavefront technology
  • TFBUT measurement & Meibography
  • Wireless communication to other Huvitz products
  • Fully adjustable 7″ touch colour display
  • Contrast sensitivity & glare test
  • Peripheral keratometry measurement
  • Auto-tracking feature
  • Colour View Mode: Full colour CCD camera and white LED source enables you to see eyes & contact lens fitting status previously only possible with slit lamps
  • Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide
  • Iris & Pupil diameter measurement