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iCare COMPASS Automated Perimeter

The iCare COMPASS takes visual field analysis to the next level.  It combines visual field tests, fixation loss correction (through a real-time retinal tracker) and confocal True Colour fundus imaging into one device.

Its auto-alignment, non-mydriatic, easy-to-disinfect and trial lens-free operation means the COMPASS is patient-friendly and easy to use.  It can help you save time and improve clinical performance.

Download the iCare_COMPASS_brochure here.


iCare COMPASS features include:

  • Standard automated perimetry
  • Active retinal tracking compensating for poor patient fixation in real-time
  • Auto-focus (no trial lens needed)
  • Hygienic design
  • Illustrative fixation analysis; fixation and plot
  • High-resolution confocal True Colour imaging of the retina
  • No dilation of pupil needed and test can be suspended at any time without data loss
  • Easy to use – minimal operator training required

Fundus-controlled perimetry

This technique images the retina during visual field testing, enabling a reliable correlation to be made between visual function and retinal structure. Retinal tracking is a key feature for this device.

Continuous automatic tracking of eye movements through infrared retina scanning provides accurate compensation of fixation losses. Perimetric stimuli are automatically repositioned prior to and during projection based on the current eye position.

Fully automatic perimeter

As a perimeter, the COMPASS offers full compatibility with standard 24-2, 30-2, and 10-2 visual field testing containing age-matched databases of retinal sensitivity in normal subjects. For the first time ever in a visual field test, the COMPASS provides 60° confocal images of the retina in True Colour, infrared, and red-free. There is also an option to take high-resolution stereo images for a better assessment of the optic nerve head.

Hygienic design

iCare COMPASS’s design offers an additional benefit of being significantly easier to clean than traditional perimeters. The device is easy to clean due to its smooth, narrow, and convex frontage. No bowl or trial lens assembly. All of the COMPASS surfaces can be disinfected with an alcohol wipe. If you require more information on disinfection please contact us.

The DRSplus, COMPASS, EIDON, EIDON AF, EIDON FA, DRS and MAIA are manufactured by Centervue under the iCare brand.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 59 × 36 × 62 cm


A comparison between a white LED confocal imaging system and a conventional flash fundus camera using chromaticity analysis (BMC Ophthalmology – 2019)

A comparison between the Compass fundus perimeter and the Humphrey Field Analyzer (Ophathalmology – 2019)

A comparison of relative diagnostic precision between the Compass fundus perimeter and the Humphrey Field Analyzer (Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci – 2018)