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This easy to use iCare tonometer revolutionises IOP home monitoring – making it fast, effortless and effective. iCare HOME2 is designed for home use for glaucoma patients who need regular IOP monitoring by their ophthalmologist’s recommendation.

The device is based on the rebound measuring principle and therefore no anaesthetic or air puff is required. The app and cloud technology makes the iCare HOME2 a complete digital revolution in eye health.

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iCare HOME2 Features:

  • Fully integrated app for IOS and android that utilises the cloud for data security and storage.
  • Intelligent positioning system for correct alignment of the tonometer using Smart Light Guide.
  • Now can be used when lying down and has a scope of 200 degrees of use.
  • Display screen to to show readings and errors to user
  • A magnet has been placed inside the probe applicator, meaning probes can’t move or fall out.
  • Data can be kept securely in hospital servers, personal cloud storage or practice cloud.

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* The app is free to download and use however to track IOP over time extra software is required as a subscription 

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iCare HOME2 Tonometer is a comfortable and easy-to-use device for patients to measure intraocular pressure at home without anaesthesia, drops, air, or other preparation. It helps improve glaucoma management and provide peace of mind for patients.

Those with glaucoma can measure IOP themselves at different times of the day during several days as advised by their doctor. This provides a comprehensive picture of diurnal fluctuations in intraocular pressure, allowing to help assess IOP peaks and reveal the need for a medication change or surgery.

iCare HOME2 features a fully integrated app for IOS and android and utilises the cloud for data security and storage. The data storage technology can be integrated with hospitals servers, meaning the data can be kept securely within the hospital. Or alternatively, practices can be set up with a separate cloud database that is encrypted and safe for both clinic and patients to use. Data from the app is not kept on the patients’ phone but on the secure cloud.

This facilitates high-quality care and long-term cost savings as both doctor and patient can follow glaucoma treatment without the patient needing to visit the clinic, improving the clinic’s efficiency and saving the patient’s time.

iCare HOME2 is based on the widely patented iCare rebound tonometry principle. In an iCare measurement, a tiny disposable probe is briefly bounced off the surface of the eye six times. iCare HOME2 guides the patient to take correct measurements to ensure they make high-quality measurements every time. Long-term intraocular pressure monitoring enables glaucoma treatment based on comprehensive and reliable information.

iCare HOME2 Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Gentle measurement technique
  • Instant data transfer to the clinic or app
  • Smart automatic left / right eye recognition technology
  • Intelligent positioning system for correct alignment of the tonometer using Smart Light Guide
  • Automatic measuring sequence allows for 6 automatic measurements to be taken or single measurements all with the same button

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