Keeler Pulsair Intellipuff

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  • Whether it is a wall mounted or desk mounted Non-Contact Tonometer you are looking for, the Keeler Pulsair Intellipuff is a lightweight and versatile solution.

  • Being hand-held, the patient no longer needs to be positioned on a chinrest, their IOP can be measured whilst the patient is already seated in the examination chair, thus saving both space and time.

  • For ultimate patient comfort, Keeler have incorporated position detection and puff control alongside their softest puff of air.

  • If two consecutive readings are within +/- 1mmHg of each other, the Pulsair will inform the user that sufficient readings have been taken for that eye, saving precious time for both you and the patient.

  • With its integrated printer and requiring no sterile consumables, the Pulsair Intellipuff is the perfect solution if you are looking for a cost effective, efficient non-contact tonometer. 

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