Ocusweep Vision Testing System

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Ocusweep System assesses the functioning of the whole visual system – from the eye to the visual processing in the brain – including the efficacy of the eye movements.

It is a fast and reliable tool to assess the need for treatment and carry out the follow-up of certain eye diseases (e.g. cataract, glaucoma, AMD), examine work related ability to perform and run accurate driving vision tests.

The device is light and easy to move and can be used in normal office room lighting. It requires no special skills from the test operator.

Visual acuity, contrast vision and RTP-tests are implemented to assess better functional vision in daily life i.e. when quick reactions to visual based stimuli are continually required. All Ocusweep tests have in-built reliability control – for the first time
also in visual acuity and contrast vision tests.

For more information please go to www.ocusweep.com 


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