Ophthalmoscope and Retinoscope Set

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Now you can combine your favourite ophthalmoscope and retinoscope in one handy set

The Specialist direct ophthalmoscope is designed by Keeler, giving you 30% more xenon illumination. With its superb ergonomics, it is a popular choice between professionals. Featuring;

  • A slimline handle, almost 50% lighter
  • Expanded dioptre range, +44D to -45D lens guarantees a diagnosis in any situation
  • Quick & Easy dial up with unique Morton Lens Track
  • Pupilometer gauge allowing quick and easy estimation of pupil size
  • New cobalt blue filter
  • 30% more illumination to allow you to see through cloudy media, cataracts etc.
  • Extra long-life lithium rechargeable battery

The Professional Combi Retinoscope has been designed and manufactured by Keeler to provide you with excellent performance and reliability. Choose from either a streak or spot beam by simply changing the bulb. Featuring;

  • Up to 600lux of brilliant Halogen illumination to reflect light from even the most difficult of eyes
  • A unique neutralisation check (patented). In both streak and spot modes you can change the beam from divergent to convergent enabling you to check the accuracy of the neutral point
  • Choice of 4mm or 1.7mm aperture at your fingertips
  • Improved 360 degrees access to a single control for both rotation and convergence adjustments
  • An interchangeable soft pad is available, improving comfort for spectacle wearers

Double Chargers sold separately


Set contains;

Specialist ophthalmoscope

Professional Retinoscope

2 Lithium Handles

Spare bulbs

Protective case 

Instructions CD


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