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Resono Rexon-Eye Dry Eye Treatment Device

The Rexon-Eye is a non-invasive device that provides durable treatment for all forms of dry eye syndromes.  It works by applying low-power high-frequency electric fields, capable of stimulating the metabolism and natural regeneration of cells.

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The Rexon-Eye therapy allows for long-term benefits for the patient, which typically begin just after the treatment.  The therapy is also successful for all types of dry eye; both evaporative and aqueous deficient as evidenced in published studies and measured through several subjective and objective measurements used in dry eye diagnosis.

The technology used is called QMR® (Quantum Molecular Resonance) which delivers weak alternate electric current patterns at frequencies that are in resonance with the tissue molecular bindings (spectrum ranging from 4MHz to 64MHz).

A typical therapy consists of 4 sessions of 20 minutes each, at one week intervals.  The treatment itself is comfortable, pleasant and relaxing.

Rexon-Eye Features:

  • Treats all types of dry eye
  • Pleasant and comfortable treatment experience for patient
  • Easy to use and intuitive device set-up
  • Long term benefits for the patient

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 35 cm