TCP-3000P Polarised 24

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  • Our range of Tomey test charts offer a comprehensive selection of charts and tests which can be completely customisable to suit your needs.

  • On the polarised TCP-3000P, all of the charts necessary for your testing routine are already pre-programmed into the chart, with the option of adding an unlimited amount of others.

  • In addition, there are a selection of colour vision tests such as Ishihara or 100 HUE as well as contrast sensitivity and stereo tests.

  • ETDRS chart, HOTV test, fixation disparity tests and AMD optotypes are all integrated within the TCP-3000P.

  • Different optotypes can be displayed for left or right eye and the systems red/green display can be adjusted accordingly.

  • To suit any test room, there is a multilingual user interface and the chart distance can vary between 2-7m.

  • For patient education, you can display various pictures of the eye.

  • Due to the programmable integrated computer you have the ability to load your own pictures and animations for advertising within your practice. 

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