TMS-5 Scheimpflug Topographer

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  • The TMS-5 Topographer uses Scheimpflug technology which automatically captures multiple slices by focusing the alignment light on the centre of the cornea.

  • The TMS-5 has a very fast measuring time of between 0.5-1.0 second, similar to that of ring topography, saving your clinic time and increasing productivity.

  • Scheimpflug topography can be combined with ring topography to achieve more accurate and reliable results.

  • When the ring-topo mode alone is used, measurements can be taken in 0.5 seconds which eliminates patient blinking problems.

  • Due to its superior light cone design resulting in a very short working distance, the TMS-5 creates its own measurement environment and therefore works independently of its surrounding light conditions; eliminating the need for a dark room.

  • The intuitive touch screen operation on a 15" TFT colour monitor offers versatile functions such as; automated video recording, zoom, area distance and angle calculation, thumbnail images, dual display and on screen annotation.

  • The capabilities of the TMS database allows you to view and compare patient information taken from the TMS-5. 

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