The Tomey FT-1000 has a very soft and silent air pulse. The 5.7″ coloured touch screen is used as an operating monitor as well as for displaying all measured values. You can even move the head in all directions by simply touching the screen. Measured IOP data is easily adjusted according to the central corneal thickness. The calculation formula used by the FT-1000 is individually adjustable to your own preference. The handling of the FT-1000 is very easy – it does almost everything by itself! Alignment and measurement is done automatically and with a tap on the screen the system automatically moves to the left or the right eye. If you choose the multi-shot option the system produces up to three air pulses in an extremely short sequence (0.1 seconds each).

FT-1000 Features:

  • Touch screen alignment system
  • Auto-alignment and auto-measurement
  • Corneal thickness IOP correction
  • High speed measurement