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Tomey MR-6000 Multifunction Unit

The ultimate time-saving and space-saving device, as this multifunction unit has six functions in one, replacing the need for 5 separate machines.

1. Topography, 2. Refraction, 3. Keratometry, 4. Tonometry, 5. Pachymetry, 6. Dry eye analysis tool.

Benefits of the MR-6000:

  • Easy operating: Auto alignment and familiar user interface
  • Space-saving: Five systems in one device
  • Time-saving: Change between the different modes in just 3 seconds
  • High accuracy: Combined data of different measurements for precise results (e.g. Tono + Pachy)
  • Improved features: friendly air puff control and enhanced refraction function
  • Complete dry eye analysis: Combination of 6 different measurements of blinking, tear film, meibomian glands and conjunctiva

Download the Tomey MR-6000 Brochure here.

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Product Features

Minimise your examination time down to just 90 seconds for measurements of Refraction + Keratometry + Tonometry + Pachymetry + Topography.

Get accurate measurement values for Refraction and Keratometry due to an improved measurement principle.

The Quick Refraction Mode allows refraction values within seconds despite fixation loss e.g. for patients with nystagmus, children or uncooperative patients.

A new generation of air flow technology causes a friendly and gentle air puff.
The automated IOP correction is taking account of pachymetry values to get reliable IOP values.

16 mires rings examine an area of 8mm diameter. Several map types including fourier analysis lead to a wide range of corneal shape displaying opportunities.

The combination of 4 examinations gives a detailed impression of the health of the patients´ ocular surface. Observe the blinking frequency, tear meniscus height, hyperemia and maibomian glands by using only one medical device.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 49.1 × 31.2 × 45 cm