Tomey OA-2000 Optical Biometer

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One-Touch Measurements

By simply touching the centre of the pupil on the monitor, the measurement begins immediately. Due to 3D eye tracking technology, data is captures easily, even with uncooperative patients. Starting with topography, pachymetry, ACD and lens thickness followed by axial length, pupil diameter and white to white, guaranteeing enhanced usability in term sof IOL power calculation.

Latest Technology

With the latest Tomey Fourier domain A-scan technology, you are able to measure almost all cases of dense cataract. Rare cases of really mature lenses can be covered by the AL-4000 and communicated to the OA-2000 via bluetooth.


The OA-2000 is compatible with the OCT (SS-1000), AL-4000 Pachymeter and the TMS-5 Topographer. 

Price includes software, table and printer

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