The TCP-4000 range are the next generation of chart panels from Tomey. They combine a high variety of standard vision tests with a wide range of special charts such as red-green and/or stereo tests, Amsler test and colour vision tests. The large selection of vision tests in combination with a smooth workflow make the TCP-4000 a sophisticated chart monitor for precise refraction. The TCP-4000 is the ideal partner for the TAP-2000 automatic phoropter. The chart monitors can be connected to the Phoropter via Bluetooth or WiFi and can easily be operated by the Phoropter itself.

TCP-4000 Features:

  • Bluetooth or WiFi connection to TAP-2000
  • High variety of vision tests
  • Red-Green and/or polarised tests
  • Snellen Charts, ETDRS, Crowding Bars
  • Low vision charts
  • Colour vision tests
  • Programmable chart sequences
  • 23″ Full-HD display