Tomey TL-100 Auto Lensmeter

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  • The Tomey TL-100 Auto Lensmeter is a fully automated and compact device.

  • The sophisticated auto-hold function and automatic detection of progressive lenses are just two of the advanced features.

  • The TL-100 uses advanced technology to take the guesswork out of measuring progressive lenses by automatically detecting and reading them.

  • It allows you to read two lenses before displaying the results, take prism readings, mark the lenses as you read them and measure contact lenses.

  • Due to the simplicity of the TL-100, extensive operator training is no longer required, saving you not only time and money, but giving you more flexibility in your practice.

  • The TL-100 has a large contrast-adjustable LCD screen which clearly displays the results thanks to the excellent background illumination.

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