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Tomey TOP-1000 Non-Contact Tonometer

By combining a soft air puff, 3D auto-tracking, and a Scheimpflug camera, the Tomey TOP-1000 delivers excellent IOP measurements that are corrected for central corneal thickness.  It shares it’s design with the Tomey TFC-1000 fundus camera and incorporates a simple user interface that Tomey users will already be familiar with.

With the 3D auto-tracking and the automatic shot functionality, any user will be able to use this device quickly and effectively.

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The Tomey TOP-1000 is a air-puff non-contact tonometer that determines for each eye the correct amount of air in order to make the IOP measurement as soft as possible for the patient.  It also features a 10.1″ LCD touch screen which is very responsive and makes it very easy to access the patient database.

Features include:

  • 3D auto-tracking
  • Automatic measurement
  • Soft air puff
  • Pachymetry for IOP correction
  • Excellent measurement repeatability
  • Friendly user interface on 10.1″ touch screen
  • Integrated patient database
  • Integrated thermal printer

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 50 × 28.2 × 50 cm

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