UD-8000 Ultrasonic B-Scanner

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  • With its ergonomic design and intuitive software, Tomey's UD 8000 digital ultrasonic technology is proving to be a popular choice amongst ophthalmologists.

  • Features like the new high resolution touch screen operation, new generation of annular array probes and data communication via USB or LAN make the UD 8000 easy to use and efficient.

  • One of the most obvious innovations in the UD is the use of up to four probes.

  • The probes have a unique waterproof membrane cap which holds the liquid, therefore eliminating the need for messy water baths.

  • The end of the probe is soft and smooth so the patient has a pain free, comfortable and speedy test.

  • Due to its latest innovation, it is possible to test the patient in an upright position.

  • The intuitive touch screen operation on a 15" TFT colour monitor offers versatile functions such as; automated video recording, zoom, area distance and angle calculation, thumbnail images, dual display and on screen annotation For the ultimate ultrasound solution, you can connect the AL-4000 Bio/Pachymeter and its software to the UD-8000.

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