Yeasn SLY-100 Manual Phoropter Head

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The Yeasn SLY-100 Manual Phoropter Head has an extensive range of lenses and filters with a tilt mechanism.  This instrument can be easily installed on a self-balancing or a fixed arm.  The SLY-100 has a complete set of auxiliary lenses which enables a comprehensive visual function examination.  The quality and build is this product is first-class.

SLY-100 Features:

  • Sphere lens: -19.00D ~ +16.75D
  • Cylinder lens: 0 ~ 6.00D (up to 8.00D when additional lens is used)
  • Axis: 0° ~ 180° (5° steps)

  • Pupil distance: 50 ~ 75mm (1mm steps)
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