Yeasn YPA-2100 Automatic Phoropter Head

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The Yeasn YPA-2100 Automatic Phoropter Head connects directly to a tablet* through built-in WiFi for wire-free control.  The app provides you with a real-time graphical interface for the YPA-2100.  The real-time operating system means there is zero learning cost and intuitive operation.  The YPA-2100 can also be connected to the Yeasn LCD visual chart for seamless refraction examinations.  There is an all new advanced design of the lens drive system which reduces the noise of the device.  

*Tablet not included

YPA-2100 Features:

  • Sphere lens: -29.00D ~ +26.75D (steps of 0.12D/0.25D/1D)
  • Cylinder lens: 0.00D ~ ±8.75D (steps of 0.25D/1D)
  • Axis: 0° ~ 180° (steps of 1°/5°)
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