Yeasn YPB-2100 LCD Chart

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The Yeasn YPB-2100 LCD Chart (21.5" panel) boasts a 178° wide angle field of visibility and a 0.6s response time ensuring a smooth operation experience.  The advanced PLS panel means that every pixel presents clarified and accurate colours  This LCD chart can be wirelessly connected to the YPA-2100 Automatic Phoropter Head and controlled by a tablet.

YPB-2100 Features:

  • Interfaces with Yeans YPA-2100 Automatic Phoropter Head
  • Adjustable working distance of 2.5m to 6m
  • Can be wall mounted or mounted on desk
  • Basel sighting marks (C Mark / E Mark / Letter / Number / Child Mark / ETDRS Mark)
  • Functional sighting marks (Red-Green / Astigmatism / Balance / Fusional etc.)
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