Customer feedback allows us to understand the real-world challenges faced by the market we serve. That’s why we make a point of asking for product feedback every time a customer purchases or trials one of the devices we offer.

When it comes to the iCare DRSplus Fundus Imaging System, the feedback is always positive and really showcases the performance and ease-of-use benefits we know and love about this imaging system. When comparing the DRSplus to other fundus imaging systems, there are usually three areas customers feedback on the most; patient comfort, ease of use and quality of imaging.

Often, other people’s experiences are invaluable when finalising a purchasing decision. In fact, according to a recent survey, 87% of purchasers place as much trust in a product review as they would word-of-mouth recommendations.1

Are you considering an iCare DRSplus? If so, perhaps this recent customer feedback might help you finalise your choice:


Ease of use

“With an easy-to-use camera like this one, we can keep the flow of patients moving and appointments on time.”

Even with minimal staff training, the DRSplus obtains high-quality images for accurate diagnosis and monitoring of a range of pathologies such as macular degeneration, inflammatory eye disease, pigmentary fundus lesions and diabetic retinopathy.

The fully computerised system is easy and intuitive, as one customer found out: “The DRSplus is automatic, allowing photographers to perform other duties or procedures while the fundus photo is being taken. Speeding up the overall testing process improves patient comfort and allows practitioners to maintain appointment timings and workflow.”

Remote viewing and a completely remote examination feature is also available – something which has been of real interest to clinicians working towards offering a remote ophthalmic service. This was the case for one hospital whilst reviewing the camera and they said: “This camera could easily be used alongside Heidelberg OCT images for remote working in MR virtual clinics, and it can even be operated by other staff and easily moved between departments as required.”


Patient comfort

“There are always some patients that cannot use a chin rest comfortably – but that’s not a problem with the DRSplus.”

Patient comfort is of primary concern for any ophthalmic environment, be it a busy eye hospital or a small independent practice. A customer from one of the leading eye hospitals in the UK commented: “With the DRSplus, it is possible to generate clear, well exposed images even with small pupil sizes, which means there is rarely a need to dilate pupils. This optimises patient comfort and improves their hospital experience.”

In designing the DRSplus, iCare has paid great attention to the easy positioning of customers for maximum comfort during the imaging process.

After trialling the machine for a short time, one customer commented: “There will always be some customers that because of their size or body type, find it difficult or impossible to reach the chin rest. Since using the DRSplus, we have not encountered this problem at all.”


Image quality

“The image quality is outstanding compared to other systems we’ve tried.”

Using a confocal fundus imaging system, the DRSplus from iCare sets a new standard in retinal imaging. After just a couple of uses, operatives notice the difference in image quality, even when images are being taken through cataracts and small pupils (as small as 2.5mm).

Quickly and accurately capturing sharp, contrast-rich, 45° retinal images, the DRSplus uses TrueColor Confocal Technology with white LED light.

Another customer commented: “The white LED light source produced very realistic colours compared to other “multicolour” images we have seen that in no way resemble a real fundus. This made identifying subtle features like IRMA/tiny new vessels much easier.”

In addition to the quality of the images, customers also regularly comment on the system’s ability to automatically combine different retinal fields for panoramic retinal views of up to 80°. One customer added: “The collage images were great for viewing the peripheral fundus and generally superior to those available on competing cameras.”


Does the DRSplus sound like the ideal fundus imaging system for your facility? To learn more, why not [click here] to read our blog called “Five key features of the DRSplus”, or to discuss your requirements in more detail, speak to our dedicated team today on 0121 458 6800.