Our Values

Our values are what makes us different.

At Mainline Instruments, we spend a lot of time thinking about ways to build on our existing customer relationships and find new ways of connecting with our customers. We’ve taken a close look at who we are, who our customers are and what makes them tick. To make sure we’re providing you the best possible service, we’ve decided to start where it counts; our values.

Our values are the foundation of Mainline Instrument’s goals and have been put together based on the organisation’s vision for a better future in eye health and care. Through research and countless hours of discussions with customers and staff, we developed a list of 7 values that have steered the Mainline ship for over 20 years. Take some time to read through them and we hope they give you peace of mind when working with us!

  • Make things easy: Always make it easy to do business with us.

  • Build enduring relationships: Take time building customer relationships and give customers a good, fair deal. Do not try to maximise short term profits at the expense of building enduring relationships.

  • Communicate regularly: Communicate with your customers regularly. If they’re talking to us they aren’t talking to our competitors.

  • Cut waste: Adopt sustainable practices and cut waste relentlessly.

  • Take ownership: Eliminate bureaucracy and improve interdepartmental communications and processes.

  • Discover ideas: Always search for and apply the best ideas regardless of their source.

  • Develop trust: Deliver honest and trustworthy long-term service solutions and recommendations. Inform the customer about the most cost effective way they can maintain their instrument.

Throughout these past years, we have poured all our energy into making sure these values become the heart and soul of Mainline.