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iCare IC100 Tonometer

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iCare IC100 tonometers for all eye care professionals.

The iCare IC100 is based on a rebound measuring principle that requires no drop, airs or specialised skills for its use. The latest premium and innovative design and interface bring IOP measuring to a new level.

Use iCare. Your patients will thank you for it.

IC100 Features:

  • iCare AMS (Automatic Measuring Sequence) allows multiple readings or single reading with one button
  • Intuitive menu navigation interface
  • Intelligent positioning system for correct alignment of the tonometer

The iCare IC100 is for UK sales only.

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Optometrists and Ophthalmologists have successfully used IC100 for routine IOP measurement and glaucoma screenings, as measuring has never been more accessible –

Just load, align and measure. 

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