Mainline Instruments have been awarded Optical Supplier of the Year 2022 for our exceptional work on developing our customer relationships.

Optics is a relationship business and this award was presented to Mainline as testament to our commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations. We have demonstrated excellence in service, quality and relationships while going over and above what might be expected, using innovative ways of engaging with customers.

The last few years have brought about a number of new challenges across industries and markets. Near the end of 2021, we spent a lot of time thinking about ways to continue building on our existing customer relationships and finding new ways of reaching our audience. To revaluate our relationships, we decided the best place to start was at the beginning and focus on what made us who we are; our values.

We met to determine who we are as a business and quickly understood that what sets us apart is our relationships with our customers. We emphasised this point by developing a list of 7 values, 4 of which were designed around customer relationships. Those 4 values are as follows:

  1. Always make it easy for customers to do business with us.
  2. Take time building customer relationships and give customers a good, fair deal. Do not try to maximise short term profits at the expense of building enduring relationships.
  3. Communicate with customers regularly. If they’re talking to us they aren’t talking to our competitors.
  4. Deliver honest and trustworthy long-term service solutions and recommendations. Inform customers about the most cost effective way they can maintain their equipment.

Throughout 2022, we have poured all our energy into ensuring these values become the heart and soul of Mainline.

A comprehensive plan for 2022 was designed to prioritise existing and prospective customer relationships that consisted of two areas; marketing orientation and service excellence. A variety of initiatives were launched within each area, helping us deliver a level of service that reflected our values.

At Mainline, we believe our purpose is to help our customers realise their vision and everything we do is designed to build and nurture customer relationships. We’ve laid a strong foundation over the last 25 years and with the new strategy, we plan to expand our customer relationships even further.

Through digital transformation, Mainline Instruments will transform the Customer Experience, ensuring we continue to connect with new and existing customers through the next 25 years.