The Tomey CASIA2 is an outstanding machine, which fulfils the expectations of eye doctors specialised in all areas. CASIA2 impresses by intuitive and mostly automated handling, encouraged by an unbelievable measurement speed. Our software guides you easily from measuring through to analysis and then to the final report. Be inspired and see the eye from a different perspective. The CASIA2 has many impressive features need to be seen to be believed. Caught your interest? If so, you cam learn more about it by getting in touch with us.

CASIA2 Features:

  • Testing application for Cataract / Glaucoma / Cornea Surgery
  • Glaucoma angle analysis (360)
  • Advanced imaging with high resolution and deep scanning depth (13mm)
  • Very fast scanning speed (50,000 A-scans/sec)
  • Corneal topography & IOL choice & calculation
  • Lens shape analysis & trend analysis
  • Phakic IOL simulation

Download the Tomey CASIA2 Brochure here.