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iCare Tonometer Probes (TP01)

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iCare tonometers work on a patented rebound principle, in which a light-weight probe moves in a magnetic field and makes momentary contact with the cornea. The measurement requires no air or anaesthetic drops.

iCare tonometer probes (TP01) are packaged individually to ensure each patient has a safe and contamination free experience. The probes have been designed for single-use only and they should not be cleaned or re-used. Cleaning or mishandling the probe can cause damage and therefore affect the accuracy of the measurement results.

The TP01 tonometer probes are compatible for use in the IC100, IC200 & TA01 iCare tonometers.

It is recommended, to ensure patient safety and accuracy of IOP measurements, to only use original iCare probes only.

Available from the only official UK distributor, Mainline Instruments.

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Key features: 

  • Lightweight
  • Single-use
  • Easy to change
  • Reduced contamination risk

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