iCare are an advanced health technology company that are based in Finland.

They have produced a world-renowned line of handheld tonometers which utilise their unique, patented rebound technology.

Rebound technology is where a light-weight probe makes momentary contact with the cornea.

iCare devices are patient-friendly and require no anaesthetic drops or specialised skills for use.

The device is becoming increasingly popular with general practitioners, optometrists and hospitals across the world.

Mainline Instruments are proud to be iCare’s exclusive distributor in the UK.

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OCULUS has been a trusted partner for eye care professionals around the world.

With the highest attention to detail, their devices are designed and manufactured at the OCULUS headquarters, located in Wetzlar, Germany.

Mainline Instruments are proud to be the exclusive distributor for OCULUS optometric instruments, making them accessible to all customers across the UK & Ireland.

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Mainline Instruments are proud to have Tomey as one of our brand partners.

Tomey’s reputation is for accuracy, reliability and functionality.

They utilise Japanese engineering and technical skills to create innovative solutions in ophthalmology.

Tomey have one of the best anterior-segment OCTs in their portfolio and their keen research & development team will have new and exciting products released in the future.

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Based in South Korea, Huvitz brings a wide-range of optical technology to the market for both the medical sector and the optometry sector.

The brand is competitively priced within the market yet maintains the highest quality products.

Within the UK, Huvitz are well-known for excellent diagnostic instruments.

Huvitz is only available at Mainline Instruments.

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Optomed are a Finnish medical technology company that specialises in retinal imaging devices and solutions.

Their handheld fundus camera, the Aurora, has revolutionised the handheld imaging space.

Optomed’s products are easy to use, mobile and modern allowing clinics to screen for various eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD.

Mainline Instrument’s partnered with Optomed to bring the UK market an innovative solution to mobile screening.

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Founded over 50 years ago, Neitz have been providing the industry with a range of products specialised for ophthalmology and optometry.

Neitz produce quality Japanese hand instruments and a variety of other products.

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Yeasn have established themselves as the primary option for cost-effective instruments.

Mainline Instruments are proud to partner with Yeasn in order to provide solutions to all levels of the optical market.

They have a policy of creating robustly designed optometric products.

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LKC Technologies has built a reputation for developing ground-breaking visual electrophysiology products that play a pivotal role in helping to diagnose and monitor ocular and neurological conditions with precision.

Their innovative portfolio include the renowned RETeval® series, which offers reliable and accurate assessments of retinal function.

This collaboration is poised to enhance the availability of cutting-edge ophthalmic solutions and elevate the standard of visual diagnostics and research across the United Kingdom.