We are delighted to announce that Mainline Instruments have achieved the gold standard in information security management: ISO 27001:2022! 

As part of our commitment to information security management, we decided to strive for the ISO 27001:2022 certification. 

It wasn’t easy getting certified, in fact, less than 20% of enterprise organisations in the UK hold this specific accreditation – we’re joining a handful of companies to be certified against the latest 2022 criteria!

So, following a 12-month programme, and being audited by the British Standards Institution (BSI), we are fully certified! Here’s what that means:


What is ISO 27001:2022?

ISO 27001:2022 is the “world’s best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS).”

It provides “guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system.

Conformity with ISO/IEC 27001 means that an organization or business has put in place a system to manage risks related to the security of data owned or handled by the company, and that this system respects all the best practices and principles enshrined in this International Standard.”

So, in short, this certification demonstrates our commitment to protecting our customers’ data. With cyber-crime on the rise, it’s becoming more important than ever that we’re risk aware and proactive in our cyber defences. 


Bob Gettings, British Standards Institution, said:

“A company must demonstrate a continuous commitment to managing sensitive information and assessing security risks to achieve certification under these standards. By meeting the needs of their customers, Mainline Instruments clearly demonstrates that they are operating at this level.”

“Our ISO certifications at BSI demonstrate Mainline Instruments’ commitment to implementing global best practices that ensure effectiveness, efficiency, confidentiality and integrity in our day-to-day operations. The company is embarking on a new journey.”


Our very own Jack Hawkins added:

“The ISO 27001 certification represents our unwavering commitment to developing a world-class customer-oriented service culture and high information security standards.

ISO 27001 certification aligns with our values of security and excellence. We believe it will increase the confidence of our partners and clients which include both the NHS and the wider optometric industry. As part of our commitment to our customers, Mainline Instruments will continue to ensure our products and systems are in line with our customers’ needs.”


The process was anchored by a management systems consulting organisation, Temple Quality Management Systems Limited

Temple’s help was essential, and our support consultant, Vesselin Nikolov, was incredibly helpful on our accreditation journey! Here’s what he had to say about the process:

“Mainline Instruments customers can be assured that their sensitive information will be secure, and confident that it will be protected as we continue to grow our technology capabilities. This is an excellent recognition for the dedicated work everyone has put in over the last 12 months. Although the journey is continual, we are working at a high level of security process maturity, and are proud that the company is one of the leaders in this space.”


What does this certification mean for Mainline customers?

Our high-security protocols (including networks, cloud infrastructure and internal systems) have now been officially recognised as in-line with international best practices, but what exactly does this mean for Mainline customers?

It means that you can rest assured that your data is safe in our hands

It means that we have both secure physical and digital storage. 

It means that we’re future-proofing our services, ensuring that your data will always be safe. 

We’re incredibly proud to achieve this certification. It’s a testament to the great work every member of the Mainline team do, day in, day out. 

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