The OCULUS Myopia Master® is changing the myopia management landscape, but there’s much more than meets the eye with this innovative piece of tech!

We all understand the importance of early myopia detection in children, but what exactly is the Myopia Master® doing differently, and what can you expect from this all-in-one device for myopia management? 

In this blog, we’ll delve into a little more detail around what makes the Myopia Master® different. We’ll also shine a light on some of its lesser-known features.


The key features of the OCULUS Myopia Master®

The Myopia Master® is a revolution in the field, taking contactless measurements, including refraction, axial length and keratometry, in less than two minutes!

However, these are the features that most people are familiar with. Here are some of the key features that the Myopia Master® that you may not know:

The Gullstrand Refractive Analysis System (GRAS)

Age-adapted GRAS is revolutionising the way we look at early myopia detection in children. 

OCULUS have adapted the Gullstrand eye to those of children, optimising the data so that we know what a ‘normal’ eye looks like in a wide variety of ages. 

Rather than comparing readings to adult eyes, the Myopia Master® enables you to compare data to a child’s eye of the same age, allowing for significantly more accurate early myopia diagnostics and management.


The 7 steps of the Myopia Master®

The Myopia Master® provides you with everything you need for your myopia management clinic in 7 steps:

1. Measurement – Enjoy an accurate, contactless measurement process, usually in less than 2 minutes. 

  • Refraction – A commonly used method for measuring myopia is by refraction. However, day-to-day measurement variability and the need to be able to perform refractions in children with induced cycloplegia require additional parameters for a professional myopia management. 
  • Axial length – This can be measured accurately and independently of accommodation. Progression in axial length is a reliable indicator of progression in myopia. Axial length measurement is the gold standard for myopia management.
  • Keratometry – The central corneal radii, as the primary refractory component of the eye, can be automatically measured and clearly displayed.

2. Data analysis – Easily visualise and compare patient data against ethnicity and gender-dependent growth curves, calculates from 20,000+ eyes and parameter interpretation algorithms, including the aforementioned age-adapted GRAS system.

3. Questionnaire – The Myopia Master® software provides a default questionnaire addressing the most important risk factors. Further risk factors can be added and customised using the question kit. Opticians can input risk factors such as spending too long looking at screens, the Myopia Master® then uses a traffic light system to attribute risk. 

4. Patient education – The Myopia Master® software is perfect for helping any optician educate both parents and their children about the risks of myopia. As it automatically generates easily accessible reports (in simple language), you’re able to provide reassurance to patients and allow them to feel a part of the process. By better educating patients, you’re able to help them fully understand and comply with your treatments. The number one cause of treatment non-compliance is poor patient-provider communication and education. By using the Myopia Master’s reports to educate patients, you’re able to better motivate children to follow your eye care recommendations.

5. Treatment options – At this stage, the practitioner selects the treatment recommendations based on the output of the data evaluation and questionnaire. You are able to customise the recommended treatment regime by checking boxes – convenient for you and better for the patient. 

6. Take-home report – The Myopia Report for parents includes all results and the clinician’s recommendations. It also helps with reading and understanding the scientific background and importance of myopia management. The report can be printed or sent by email directly from the Myopia Master® software.

7. Follow up – Regular follow-up examinations are crucial to monitor the patient’s myopic status. The Myopia Master® software enables you to monitor axial length over time, thus performing a trend analysis and determining the most effective treatment for the patient.

Keratometry included as standard

One of the lesser-known features of the Myopia Master® is that it includes a keratometer as standard!

This allows for quick and easy diagnosis of astigmatism, meaning you can cut down on the number of instruments needed.


See what users of the Myopia Master® have to say

We recently sat down with Brian Tompkins of Tompkins Knight & Son Optometrists to discuss his usage of the Myopia Master® and how it has changed the way he and his team manage myopia in their practice. 

See what he has to say in this short video:


The Myopia Master® makes your life easier

Thanks to our partnerships with Deepcove and OptiSwiss, the Myopia Master® software is able to directly link with the OptiSwiss database. 

All key patient measurements are stored automatically, making the ordering of patient lenses quicker and easier than ever before, all while cutting down on overheads and ensuring a more efficient delivery of new lenses*. 

The Myopia Master® is so much more than meets the eye, making the lives of many Mainline customers easier than ever. It is the all-in-one solution for the early diagnosis and management of myopia; a crucial component of any thriving opticians’!

If you’d like to learn a little more about the Myopia Master®, don’t hesitate to talk to our product specialists today. 

Speak to our Myopia Master® specialists

*Lenses that can be ordered through the SW Interface are lenses for adults (premium/biometric). Myopia management lenses are not yet available through OptiSwiss.