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OCULUS – Myopia Master®

All-in-one device for Myopia management

  • Refraction
  • Axial Length
  • Keratometry

Fast and Contactless measurement 

The measurement process usually takes less than 2 minutes.


The Gullstrand Refractive Analysis System (GRAS) for short, is a refraction-analysis- module that is optionally available with the Myopia Master®.

The GRAS examination compares individual measured parameters with the Gullstrand Eye and simulates the corresponding refractive changes in the spectacle plane. The Gullstrand parameters are replaced by the individual measurements of axial length, corneal radius and total refraction of the respective patient.

OCULUS has adapted the Gullstrand eye to children.

The advantage of the age-adapted GRAS module allows eye care professionals to detect pre-myopia.

Download the Myopia Master® Brochure here.

Download the sample Myopia Report here.

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Data Analysis

The patient’s data are compared with normative growth curves calculated from more than 20 000 eyes. Exclusive algorithms from the BHVI make data interpretation as easy as never before.


The Myopia Master® software provides a default questionnaire addressing the most important risk factors. Further risks can be added and customised using the Question Kit (Lifestyle, Genetic factors).

Patient Education

The software assists the practitioner in educating children and their parents.

Treatment Options 

The software also recommends treatment options based on the output of the data evaluation and questionnaire. The clinician can customise the treatment regime by simply ticking the boxes.

Take-Home Report 

The Myopia Report® for parents includes all results and recommendations. It also helps with reading and understanding the scientific background.


Regular follow-up examinations are crucial for Myopia management. The software enables you to locate the latest measurements in a trend analysis and visualise the success of the treatment.