The multi-functional, high quality Huvitz HDC-7000PF is one of the newest advances in LCD systems offering you maximum versatility and adaptability.

  • Displayed on a 19 inch polarised monitor, the HDC-7000PF holds a range of charts including binocular balance, stereopsis and binocular fusion.
  • As there are so many available, it is possible to program the chart to display your favourites so they can be accessed with one click of a button on your infrared remote control.
  • The HDC-7000PF is ideal if you are short of space in your test room-the test chart supports the use of a mirror and can be set at a distance between 2.5-6m.
  • If you already have Huvitz equipment within your test room, the HDC-7000PF is a perfect addition as it is compatible with the HDR-7000 and CDR-3100 digital refractors.
  • A simple connection allows you to start using the chart immediately.