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The HOCT from Huvitz features:

  • High-speed and high quality scanning (68,000 A-scans per second)
  • 3D rendering of retina and macula thickness / separation
  • Combines OCT, fundus camera, angiography (HOCT-1F/FA) and PC all in to one device
  • Web browser allows you to analyse data independently from the machine with no need to install specialist software
  • Detailed reports showing pathological structure and important data in an easy-to-read format that can be viewed on screen or printed
  • Anterior Segment Module (available separately) allows measurement of corneal thickness, angle and 3D imaging. You can acquire anterior and posterior all in the same device.

Download the Huvitz HOCT-1F Brochure here.


There are three different models available for the HOCT-1. The base model (HOCT-1) is OCT only, the HOCT-1F adds fundus imaging capabilities and the HOCT-1FA adds fundus imaging and OCT-A capabilities for angiography.

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Video Testimonial - Diran Halai — Focus Eyecare

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