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Huvitz HTR-1A

Huvitz HTR-1A is optimised for eye health care in order to
accurately provide measurement and diagnosis for your patients. Through it’s compact design four types of diagnostic devices are completed in one system. Also, full auto tracking and shooting functions provide the user with a convenient method of capturing measurement data.

4 in 1 System

The 1 device includes 4 functions;
Full Auto Ref/Keratometer, Non-contact Tono/Pachymeter. Essential data for Customized Lens prescription such as Cornea Thickness, Intraocular Pressure and Refractive Power is accurately measured and acquired

Download the Huvitz HTR-1A Brochure here.


Compact Design

Through its compact design, the HTR-1A saves users’ space by having 4 measurements within 1 device, patients can remain seated through the entire process.

Full Auto Tracking & Shooting

HTR-1A supports full auto tracking and shooting. By clicking one button it automatically measures pupil points and calculates accurate data.

Auto Refractometer
Auto Keratometer
Non-contact Tonometer
Non-contact Pachymeter

Wavefront Technology for High Order

By Huvitz’s own Wavefront analysing algorithm & Micro Lens Array provide accurate and reliable Refractometry data. The user can monitor pre & post refractive surgery (Spherical Aberration) and analyse high order data in order to customized lens prescription.

A number of features are included such as KER/REF Measurement, Colour View Mode, Contact Lens Fitting Assistance, Auto Calculation for Lens Base Curve Radius, Retro illumination Mode, TFBUT & Meibography, Peripheral Cornea Measurement, Smart Air Puff Control, Compensated IOP, User Friendly Interface, Network Connectivity (with Huvitz HDR-9000 and HLM 9000).