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Huvitz HVF-100

Huvitz HVF-100 Automated Perimeter

Standard Goldman White-On-White Perimeter

HVF-100 adopts an LED light source for perimeter configuration which is long lasting and there is no need to calibrate the LED bulbs periodically or replace them.

The HVF-100 test strategies fully considers different age groups, responsiveness and visual fields that defect regularity to provide faster solutions for perimeter testing.

Download the Huvitz HVF-100 Brochure here.


Auto Eye Recognition
System recognises OD/OS automatically and alarms to indicate operator, which is helpful to avoid mistakes during a test.

Pupil Diameter Measurement
Auto Pupil diameter measured during test for correcting visual error.

Motorised Head-rest and Chin-rest
Allow the operator to easily lead examine into the right position.

Voice Guidance for fast and accurate test

DICOM Support
Data operation for patient information uploading and downloading.