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iCare MAIA Confocal Microperimeter

MAIA stands for Macular Integrity Assessment and this assessment combines visual field tests, fixation loss correction by a real time retinal tracker and non-mydriatic confocal SLO fundus imaging, all in to one device.

The iCare MAIA offers the best in confocal microperimetry by detecting and monitoring functional changes of the retina with great reliability.

The device is capable of performing different types of pre-programmed tests as well as user customisable microperimetry tests.

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iCare MAIA features include:

  • 25 Hz eye-tracking with confocal SLO imaging
  • Pre-programmed and custom tests
  • Sensitivity and fixation indexes, illustrative sensitivity, and fixation maps
  • 2.5mm minimum pupil size
  • Patients with cataract (up to grade 3+) and media opacities can be examined
  • Auto-focus (-15D to +10D)
  • Simple to use
  • Fast testing (3 minutes per eye)
  • S-model available for scotopic testing with also cyan and red stimuli
  • Informative examination and progression reports

Enhanced functional and structural correlation

Microperimetry allows concurrent analysis of structural and functional aspects of the retina. By combining retinal sensitivity mapping and fixation analysis with a fundus image, the MAIA becomes a powerful tool to detect, monitor, and follow-up pathologies affecting the macular area.

The MAIA performs different types of microperimetry tests with supra and full-threshold strategies, and follow-up tests to monitor progression. Each exam provides a measure of retinal sensitivity and fixation analysis (stability and position of the Preferred Retinal Locus).

Fixation analysis for a better diagnosis

Eye movements are tracked 25 times per second and the distribution of these movements is plotted over the SLO image. This provides accurate and objective information regarding retinal location and the stability of a patient’s fixation.

S-MAIA model available for scotopic testing

The S-MAIA model allows for scotopic testing for finding and explaining the relation between disease and sensitivities of dark-adapted photoreceptor cells. In scotopic mode, the colour of the projected stimuli can be set to cyan or red.

The cyan scotopic test aims to stimulate mainly the rod photoreceptors and to measure their sensitivity. The red scotopic test aims to measure the response of the red cone photoreceptors, without any interference due to the response of the rods.

The DRSplus, COMPASS, EIDON, EIDON AF, EIDON FA, DRS and MAIA are manufactured by Centervue under the iCare brand.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 60.0 × 34.8 × 58.0 cm


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