Designed and manufactured by Keeler, the PSL range has been designed to withstand the daily traumas of a busy and demanding ophthalmic environment.

It is very lightweight so is perfect for domiciliary use, whilst being robust and durable for practice or clinic use.

As the PSL is designed to be used on the move, convenience and ease of use is vital.

The slit wheel and filter wheel are both within easy reach of the on/off trigger.

The PSL Classic model gives you a choice of either 10x or 16x magnification.

Top quality multi-layered glass is crafted into the Keeler multi element and multi-layer coated optical system to give maximum performance and guaranteeing perfect clarity.

With proven halogen illumination controlled by a rheostat, you have complete control of your light levels from zero to maximum.

With a new 1mm square light patch for assessing anterior chamber flare sets and new fixation targets, the PSL Classic is setting a new standard for portable slit lamps.

The filter wheel includes; Red free, Blue, Neutral Density (0.8) and Clear.

The PSL Classic comes with an aluminium carry case, charging base and iPhone adaptor which turns it into a portable digital slit lamp.

This is perfect for teaching and for storing and manipulating images or videos of the eye.